Friday, April 15, 2011

Beta Channel Update:

Beta Channel has been updated to version The Chrome browser
version is 11.0.696.47. This update closes the recently publicized Adobe Flash vulnerability.

In other news, it looks like my Chrome Update Auto Post Script worked but needs a little tweaking to prevent duplicates.


  1. Have you seen this announcement about the stable channel having reached Chrome (I think Chromium) OS?

    What's your takeaway?

  2. @Cougar: remember how, when we first got our Cr-48s, we could switch to dev-channel but since Google hadn't actually released any versions of Chrome OS on dev-channel yet, we wouldn't get any updates? My guess is it'll be like that for awhile. You'll be able to select stable channel, probably with the next dev-channel update this week but that won't install Chrome OS 1.0 on your machine, in fact, it probably won't install anything, you'll just be stuck on that dev release till a stable release actually does come out. I take it as a sign that we're getting closer to a stable release and commercial launch but closer isn't the same as there yet...

    Just my thoughts though.

  3. I definitely agree.

    What do you think about the rumors that Google will "release" Chrome OS at its IO conference, on May 10?