Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Donate Button Back Up

Just a short note to let everyone know that after a number of commenters have requested it, I've put the donate button back up. If you choose to say thanks for ChrUbuntu with your wallet, thank you and know that I'll be using the money towards a Nexus 4 phone :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking for an Acer C7 ChrUbuntu tester

Update: There's a new version of the ChrUbuntu script that offers much more flexibility. Be sure to check out my latest post at ChrUbuntu: One Script to Rule them All!

Google just announced the Acer C7 Chromebook. It's an Intel Core processor so I believe the latest ChrUbuntu instructions should work properly on this newest model but I'm looking for confirmation. A few things to note if you try this:

  • Any issues running the script? If there are errors, please report exactly what the error message was.
  • The ChrUbuntu script should detect the larger 320gb drive and let you choose more than 5-10gbs of space for ChrUbuntu (something like 5 to 290gb or so would be my guess). If it only prompts for 5-10 or so, send me the output of the command "cgpt show /dev/sda".
  • How do graphics look? It should be an Intel graphics card which Ubuntu 12.04 should have no issues with but I want to confirm.
  • I'd be curious to know the output of commands like "dmesg", "lspci -vv" and "lsusb" if anyone gets around to running them.
  • How well does the trackpad, sound, webcam, etc work?
If you're get an Acer C7 Chromebook and you're reading this, let us know all about it in the comments!

Update: I've already noticed a few possible issues with the current script and I'm working on some updates. Be sure to use the most recent instructions (the goo.gl link will differ) in order to get these changes.