Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing Automated Posts for Chrome OS Updates

I'm on Eastern Standard Time and Google is Headquartered on the West Coast, 3 hours behind me. Google tends to release Chrome OS updates in the late afternoon (their time), presumably after a work day spent testing the new release to make sure it won't fry our beloved Cr-48s and give the ninjas more work than they already have. But what that means is releases tend to come out while I'm in the middle of eating my dinner and not available to update this blog.

But now I'm happy to announce that thanks to some of Google's incredibly powerful tools including AppEngine and Blogger, this blog should get updates within minutes (seconds?) of a Chrome OS release. The blog post will of course have minimal details at first about the release as I haven't even had a chance to install it yet but I'll be updating the post with details and you, my wonderful readers can of course provide your feedback in the comments. Do note that it seems at least Google Reader seems to cache the original blog post and never updates with changes so you may need to open the blog post directly to see the updates. If anyone can recommend a solution to this issue, I'd be grateful.

I tested this out with the 0.12.397.0 release and things worked well except of course that I didn't finish tweaking the script until today so the post was much later than future posts should be. I'm hoping to see a beta channel update hit us, maybe even before the weekend, that'll include the Chrome browser beta update that fixed a nasty  flash vulnerability. The beta update should provide a better idea of how fast posts for new releases hit this blog.


  1. Does your script work only with Blogger?

  2. Jay you rock dude, thanks for all your tips and tricks! The Cr-48 community is all the better
    with your contributions to this little machine :)