Friday, February 18, 2011

Dev Channel Update:

Once again my commentors have beaten me in noticing that 0.156.36 has been released to the dev channel. Sadly, once again it seems the most glaring bugs in the last few releases is still unfixed. The audio mute and OOBE issues are still present in this release. But with 3 dev channel updates in one week, might we see move into beta channel and a dev channel release soon? If you haven't already, be sure to pick the date you think 0.10 will go beta.


  1. Here's a quick, random question: On startup, I see my Chrome OS version at the bottom left, with a date at the very end. I assume that date corresponds with the release date, rather than when I downloaded the build, correct?

  2. I cannot say for sure, but that seems to be correct. Mine experience appears to be the same. A recent previous build took a couple weeks to get pushed out to everyone, and I didn't get it until a good week or so after it was released, and if I recall correctly, the date pre-dated the date I installed it.

  3. 156.46 is out; i think i'm going to hold back at least a night or two to apply it, though, since i'm in the middle of doing stuff and caught wind of this update being more crashy than usual. though i suppose if the lockups start getting intrusive, i could always switch back to my old netbook...nah, probably wouldn't ;)