Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess the Beta Update Date, Win Eternal Internet Fame and Glory

Real soon now, we should be seeing a major update land on the beta channel as Google declares the builds stable enough for beta channel. Here's what we know:
  • Last night, Google bumped Chrome browser beta channel to builds and Chrome browser dev channel to builds. The Chrome browser and Chrome OS releases schedules are closely tied together.
  • The number of priority 1 bugs on that are left to be fixed for the R10 release ( has dropped to 19. That's down from 69 early this week and a few hundred 2 weeks ago.
  • Google is striving for a 6 week release schedule with Chrome OS like they have with Chrome browser.
So when do you think a 0.10 build will land on beta channel? Take the poll here. Winners will receive eternal Internet fame and glory (translation: I'll post your name and shout out message to my blog). Good luck!


  1. @Wallace: make sure you take the poll at: also.


  2. So you think its a good time to switch back to the beta channel now from dev?

  3. @Tom: depends. It's likely that dev channel will get some cool new features when it hits the builds but it's also likely that it will become less stable with all the new code.

    If you switch to beta now but don't do a USB Recovery, you won't get any updates until is pushed to Beta channel.