Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coming Soon: Enterprise Support for Chrome OS

It looks like Google is getting closer to allowing enterprise management of Chrome OS devices. This is a screenshot of the Enterprise Enrollment Out of Box Configuration (OOBE) for Chrome OS dev-channel 0.12.433.35. You can see it yourself by getting to the login window and pressing CTRL+ALT+E.
The Chrome OS Enterprise Enrollment Screen
To see the screen, you'll need to have wiped your device and not logged in to a Google Account yet. Currently, trying to login to at this screen with any of my Google Apps accounts fails with a not allowed error. But looking through Google's bug reports on Enterprise functionality, it looks like Chrome OS Enterprise support will eventually offer the ability to set policies on devices. Admins will be able to disable the camera and mic, configure WiFi profiles and certificates, force password login on wake and disable guest mode and login from non-approved accounts.

If you're a Google Apps admin, managing your mobile fleet may soon be much easier with this functionality!


  1. I'm a teacher, and the high school at which I teach is a Windows Enterprise network, and broadcasts its Wi-Fi throughout the school. Would I be able to connect to this now?

  2. @hgpot: Enterprise support is not available yet. The feature is present and presumably works for @google.com accounts and other Google Apps domains Google has opened it up to but it's not yet public.

    When it becomes public, it looks like it will require a Google Apps domain, it won't work with Windows networks. How could it when traditional Windows networks aren't in the cloud?