Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chrome OS Goes Retail June 15th. Major Announcements.

Google made some major announcements regarding Chrome OS today, to many for me to list in a single post. The biggest news is that Chromebooks (yep, that's an official name now) will be available for retail purchase June 15th at and Best Buy. Pricing ranges from $350 for the Acer to $480 for the Samsung wiht 3G. There will also be monthly fee option for Educational Institutions and Businesses, $20 and $28 irrespectively. If you haven't already seen the video below, take a look, it's a pretty awesome glimpse into Google's plans for Chrome OS.


  1. Anyone know if the CR-48 will gain the same offline capability that these new devices tout? Seems to me that it'd just be a software update considering that the CR-48 has limited but certainly enough room for local storage.

  2. @Jim: Gmail, Docs and Calendar will support offline via HTML5 so it'll work with Chrome OS as well as Chrome, FF, etc on other OSes.


  3. Yeah, I'm effin stoked about this announcement. I'm also pretty effin jealous of the i/o attendees ;( (who got that new samsung chromebook)

  4. couldn't find an answer to this anywhere else, thought i'd pose it here

    do we know if our Cr 48s will receive the OTA upgrades that will allow to use the USB and SD slots?