Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beta Channel Update:

Beta Channel has been updated to version The Chrome browser
version is 11.0.696.54.

arggh... Despite being advertised on, it doesn't look like this beta update is actually being made available to Cr-48s yet. I may need to further refine the autopost script to check for updates more like Chrome OS checks for updates...

Holler if you actually manage to see this update offered to your Cr-48...

Update: The update is now being offered and Google posted details (or lack of) to the Chrome Releases Blog. As was suspected, no major updates to be found.


  1. How long of a delay is there,before it's
    available for download? I've been spamming
    my update button with no results.....

  2. Just got the update. Nothing major to report. Most Beta updates don't do anything more then patch security holes and such.

  3. I had the little green update arrow and it updated to this beta.

  4. I don't notice anything new. I'm hoping the upcoming stable channel will win me over, because as of now, I think Chrome OS is really underachieving.

  5. So far I to am very unpleased with the Cr-48. Mainly the network speed and ability of the operating system itself. As a browser on my Windows and Ubuntu machine it's great.

  6. I'm having performance problems with
    Before I could have 15 tabs and pandora running with no problem. Now... I can have 2 tabs pandora and mibbit and everytime I type the audio cuts in and out. and Wont even attempt adding more tabs or refreshing the page... AHA

  7. Two complete freezes with this update. Had to remove the battery to restart.