Friday, April 1, 2011

Beta Channel Update:

It's the good kind of April fools day joke. Google has snuck up behind us and declared 0.11 is beta-ready. which we previously saw in dev channel is now rolling out to beta channel. It's a slow rollout so keep mashing the check for updates button if you don't see it just yet. One exciting new feature of the included Chrome browser 11.0 is the HTML speech input API. Those of you who have Android phones and have used the Voice Input app will be familiar with Google's speech input technology. After you've updated or if you're on dev channel and 0.11 is old news to you, you can give Google's speech input a try on your Cr-48 at this demo site.

P.S. Kudos to commenter Cougar Abogado who just last night guessed that 0.11 might hit beta real soon now.


  1. The official version feed just got updated this afternoon (4/4/2011 around 16:30 Eastern) , 11.0.696.27 , dev-channel , 11.0.696.27 , beta-channel

  2. 0.12.362.2 , 12.0.723.1 , dev-channel