Monday, March 21, 2011

Beta Channel Update:

Update: Google's posted details on the update to their official Chrome releases blog. In addition to the browser update, the trackpad dead space is supposed to be lessened. How's the trackpad doing for you with

Beta Channel was updated tonight to So far I've noticed two changes:

  1. Volume and Mute buttons work as expected! Previously it wasn't possible to adjust the volume with the hardware buttons (or at all if you were not in dev mode and couldn't run alsamix from a shell).
  2. Chrome browser has been updated to 10.0.648.151 which is described by Google as blacklisting a few (presumably malicious) certificates.
note that the critical Adobe Flash vulnerability was fixed in the last beta update and to my knowledge, Chrome remains the only fixed version to date, Adobe hasn't released a fix for Firefox, IE or Safari.

In other news, I'm having mixed feelings about the new HTC Thunderbolt phone. LTE is definitely the fastest mobile broadband money can buy but whether it's the network, the hardware or the software, things are a bit finicky so far and battery life is downright lousy. Looks like I'll be ponying out for the extended battery. Hopefully some Android updates from Verizon will solve some of these issues.