Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming Soon to Chrome OS: Auto 2-Step Verification via Bluetooth

Google's 2-Step Verification is one of the coolest security features I've ever used and it's free. But it's not cool when I'm in my comfy chair at the end of the day and my phone with the authentication code is on the other side of the room charging. It seems Google is looking to solve this major inconvenience to my life by adding Bluetooth support to the Android Google Authenticator app and to Chrome and Chrome OS also.

As usual, it seems Google is dog-food testing OTP remote access on their own employees. Hopefully that means we'll see this feature launch soon. The Chrome OS-specific code is currently getting punted to later and later releases (now at R23 which probably translates to this fall).


  1. Niiiiice. I just hope they don't plan to restrict it to the 'latest and greatest' devices ala Chrome on Android. Still rocking the original Droid here and getting along fine with the Cr-48 (and will likely stay that way unless prices come down substantially on the retail chromebooks) and this would be a fantastic feature to use. Even better if they could somehow manage this on the desktop version of Chrome!

  2. I agree with the prices. They need to come down. I'll stick with my CR-48 as well

  3. Let us know when you notice this becomes ready! Awesome!