Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dev Channel Update: 0.12.433.38

Dev Channel has been updated to version 0.12.433.38. The Chrome browser
version is 12.0.742.50.


  1. Bug/help icon/buttons removed (hurray!). Media player back (non-functional). I think the file manager/Picasa extension have had a slight tweak, although I'm unsure exactly what. General speed feels a bit snappier.

    Does this have the new Linux kernel (, I think)?

    What else have you guys noticed?

    With Chrome dev getting bumped to 13, I imagine we might be a week or two away, as well.

  2. Also, some beta users, including my wife have been bumped up to 12.433.38 beta, yet I'm failing to see release notes or a listing on it in . . .

    I'm trying to figure if it was a server bug that pushed the update too early, or if Google's simply failed to acknowledge the release (for whatever reason).

  3. I was just updated to 12.433.38. I am a Beta Channel user.

  4. Yes, I've got the 12.433.38 release on my beta - and it's changed by login pix on some random pattern. Any idea how to change them back? Not that I mind being a test-tube beaker, but it would be nice to have a choice...

  5. Oh, there it is - under personal stuff. Lots of random pix to choose from, plus they've got the camera running now (and uploading your own image, apparently). So now, I have a shot of me in the early am instead of being a pastel-colored beaker.

  6. Jay, I heard mention of you testing out Chromium OS on a high-performance device. I'm using my HP G70 and it's working really well. Curious to know if you've looked at HDMI support. I know they will be putting a port on the Acer Chromebook. Have you given HDMI a try? For me, it shows the Chromium splash screen while it is booting, then the screen goes to black with ^@ in the upper left corner. I wonder if they will have full HDMI support by June 15 or not.