Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dev Channel Update: 0.12.433.28

Dev Channel has been updated to version 0.12.433.28. The Chrome browser
version is 12.0.742.22.


  1. UI has been fixed, SD card can now be read, other graphical changes, such as in the file browser.

  2. So is the new color change intentional? I feel like this comment indicates the top bar's supposed to revert back to black, eventually:

    On the other hand, the issue's marked fixed . . .

    I think I like the old battery icon better.

    I can see why the UI team dropped the AM/PM, probably superfluous.

    I'm still annoyed how the window switcher icon fails to work in the corners:

    Yes, I also think the file browser's coming along (I hope and assume we'll have previews for pdfs, docs, etc. some day).

    Here's an aside. I think Media Player got axed from about:flags, a while ago. Does anyone think it's ever coming back, or is it going the way of the Gdrive (in favor of online players)?

  3. Just spotted a new extension.

    Picasa Uploader:

    "Not for general use. This is for testing only." . . .

  4. The Picasa Uploader seems to work from the media browser, as I took a screenshot and had the option to upload it to Picasa from the File Shelf. It'll likely be bundled with Chrome OS.

  5. Ah, yes. Thanks for pointing this out, Nick. I gave the uploader a quick peek, and I like where it's headed. I especially like the bulk file upload (seems like I remember having to upload files one at a time, at some point).

    Also, I see the slideshow feature's been reintroduced (although, I may have just missed it on the past build or two). I think we have to select which files we want to view in it, rather than the viewer simply selecting all pictures in the folder.

    Finally, I think both features currently show up in the ctrl+m viewer only (rather than in the ctrl+o viewer, as well).

  6. Hmm...I like this new look. Also, the OS is being really smooth so far!

  7. I have updated to this version , i recently saw a blog post on another site about user icons on chrome os , they look cool and I would like to use them but the only ones i have available are blank people with diffferent background colors green blue red . these are the icons im talking about

  8. Anyone else have to disable and enable the wi-fi before gmail will load?? I've had this issue for a long while. I've recently switched to Dev Mode (battery compartment) and back after being annoyed with the lengthy frowning laptop warning screen. SO the stateful partition has been cleared a couple times. It's mainly GMail and sometimes Facebook.