Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beta Channel Update: 0.12.433.38

Although it's not showing up at, 0.12 is being pushed to the beta channel as we speak. Once again we have beta channel and dev channel on the same version again for a few days. It's likely that sometime next week we'll see dev channel jump to 0.13 with the new 2.6.38 version of the Linux kernel.

With just one month to go until Chromebooks hit retail channels, it seems likely that 0.12 will receive a few stability patches in beta channel before being declared the first stable channel release of Chrome OS. In terms of features, we know that Enterprise support is enabled in 0.12 (but not on Google's server side yet for regular accounts). Also, Chromoting (Citrix / Remote Desktop support) has also been enabled in the OS but not on Google's server side for some time. The avatar image selection introduced in 0.12 (those cool waterpaint style icons you can choose for your login instead of a picture of yourself) is another sign that Google is starting to polish things up for a final release.

Chrome OS Stable here we come!


  1. What kind of performance increase can we expect from an updated kernel? Also will it affect flash performance?

  2. Meh, I want a dual core Chromebook. I wish Google had some kind of exchange service for the CR-48's where we get discounts for trading in our CR-48. Hey, I mean, we DID help a lot!

  3. Has anyone else notice that the "report a bug" is missing? Help has been moved under the wrench?

  4. @Christopher. I suggest trying Wrench>Report an issue.

  5. @Ahmed I totally feel your pain but what they figure is that they gave you a free laptop. I'm probably going to load ubuntu onto mine and get the samsung chromebook this summer

  6. @Contradude/Ahmed.

    I think the other part is that we got a free computer out of the gig.

    @Contradude. So you're going for the Samsung? Why would you say you're going for the Series 5, over the Acer (what's its official name)? I personally feel more inclined to get the Acer -- if I get one, in the first round.

  7. @Cougar Abogado

    I agree, the Acer has much more appeal in pricing and design. I'm thinking of getting one, but in this economy? I can hardly afford food, let alone a new laptop. I guess I'll just have to stick to the little Cr-48 and my 2007 Toshiba Satellite.

  8. I hear ya, Ahmed.

    I just got done with my second year of law school, and let's just say I'll be making less than millions at my summer jobs, this year . . .

    Maybe we can start saving up, by holding back on stuff, here and there?

    At the end of the day, I think I'll have a hard time selling my wife on a new chromebook, when I have a Cr-48 and a HP Pavilion 7dt (with dual core 2.xGhz and 4GB RAM), even if the battery is dead on the flippin HP!

    We'll bide our time!

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  10. The CR-48 will be a conversation piece for a while yet and I feel lucky to have beta tested Chrome OS. Plus, if you ever need to film a commercial with a generic looking laptop there's no better device.
    I'd be happy if they sent us a kit to retrofit the CR-48 with a new trackpad, though.