Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dev Channel Update: 0.12.433.14

Dev Channel has been updated to version 0.12.433.14. The Chrome browser
version is 12.0.742.11.


  1. How long has the Cr-48/cros been light sensitive?

    Just now, I noticed that when I turned the lights off, the screen would dim, and when I turned the lights back on, the screen got brighter . . .

    Has anyone else noticed this functionality before and how does the computer/OS detect how much light there is in the area?

  2. It's been light sensitive since the day I got mine, Dec 9 2010.

    I was hoping this update was to revert the partial theme change, but no dice. Haven't noticed any other differences yet.

  3. And the rabbit got shot down!

    How do you think the system detects the light changes?

    I've failed to notice any changes, on this build, myself.

    Regarding the partial theme wonkiness, I suggest trying the "Greyscale" theme Jay recommend, if you have yet to give it a whirl.

  4. Just noticed that qemacs is gone and vi has appeared in this release.

    @Cougar Abogado
    There's an ambient light sensor to the right of the camera. Cover it with a finger and watch the screen dim.

  5. Ahhh. Thanks for the explanation, d0ja.

  6. Here's another bit that's new to me: The "Send to Picasa" extension.

    I may have seen it in the task manager, a build or two previously. I forget. I saw it, today, when I was taking a peak at my RAM/CPU usage. For some reason, I have two instances of it running at around 6.7MB each.

    What's the story behind Send to Picasa?

    I found an image from Daniel James:

    I presume it's a way to send photos on the Cr-48 to Picasa . . . Yet, why do we need a dedicated process for it (or two, for that matter)?