Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dev Channel Update: (missed

This is what happens when I get busy for 24 hours. The Chromebots decide to push out multiple updates. I'm not seeing a lot of discussion about new features but numerous people are having crash issues (turn those about:flags off people).

I do apologize if my posting is down this week, I just ordered the HTC Thunderbolt this morning and it'll be here tomorrow, my gadget attention has been temporarily diverted from the Cr-48. But once I get over the 4G and front facing camera I'm sure it'll be back to the Cr-48. The Thunderbolt isn't entirely OT for this blog, I'll be sure to post some scores with the Cr-48 tethered to the Thunderbolt's 4G hotspot.

Chrome Notebook with a 4G Verizon LTE modem in the Fall anybody? How does free on $20/month contract sound?


  1. sounds like a decent price. wait for your tethering test

  2. I saw a rumor, earlier today, that Verizon will soon be coming out with the option for a data only plan.

    On the other hand, I think I read the phone would be full price (rather than subsidized).

    If it's true, I hope this is just the first of many, many data only plans.

  3. I'm trying to do speedtests on my CR-48 that's tethered to the 4G hotspot on my Thunderbolt right now. can't start the actual download test on any of the servers I've tried; must be an issue with how they serve up the download file(?). This comment posted from that Thunderbolt tethered CR-48, btw.

    Thunderbolt's 4G speeds rock and it seems a solid phone, but the display tech is no comparison to my Nexus S and Galaxy S SAMOLED screens. No comparison at all. The only disappointment so far.

  4. Not sure if this is new on dev, but the pointer works like a spotlight when you roll it over tabs. Even within the tab. I just noticed it and it was pretty cool.

  5. The spotlight pointer thing is, as I recall, a feature of Chrome 10. It's definitely cool.

    The new update (this morning) seems to have messed with powerd and the ambient light sensor, at least for me.

    I wonder if anyone knows what the new little square on the top right means? New as of maybe a week ago...

  6. the square is a window switcher (not for tabs, but for actual new windows)

  7. A little off topic, but Jay, are you gonna release a Easy Way to Install Ubuntu for the next version of it, 11.04? That would be great. Thanks.

  8. @Tom: I'd like to, depends on time though, we'll see once 11.04 is out. Of course, until I am able, it's always possible to install 10.10 and then upgrade to 11.04 (some people are doing that now and using the 11.04 alphas).


  9. Hi guys, I know may my issue is not related to the topic but I'm stuck with my cr-48 without GPS enable after it is updated to Chrome OS V11. I did the reboot to dev and tried to test it by the command (initctl start gprsd) but no use. Do anyone tell me how could I make the GPS enable again?

  10. i got one of my first really bad system hangups yesterday, during which nothing, including the settings page, would load. toggled the dev switch to wipe the stateful partition (while walking down the block to run some errands); everything came back pretty cleanly.

    currently, a new update:
    Chrome OS (Official Build) dev-channel x86-mario
    Google Chrome 11.0.696.22

    noticed a different login screen! there are little bubbles for different accounts now (including guest mode, which i have enabled), and a little plus button to add more. have yet to find anything else fascinating.