Saturday, February 12, 2011

Google Launches Official Cr-48 Group, Accidentally Spams Cr-48 Owners

Last night Google launched the official Chrome Notebook Pilot Users discussion group. Unfortunately, it seems there was a glitch in the process and most Cr-48 owners were welcomed to the group with dozens of emails in their Inbox. Despite the glitch it's exciting to see Google opening an official communication channel for Chrome OS users like us. A few thoughts on the group:

  • A few people have noticed that I posted on the group before most people were aware of it's existance. I am a Top Contributor in other Google Help Forums and was invited to join the group early by Google.
  • Right now, the group is being moderated while Google works out the email glitch so no one can post. I expect emails will be turned off for users and posting reopened by early next week.
  • There are currently 25,970 users subscribed. If Google indeed signed up all email addresses that got a Cr-48 that means they're approaching the halfway point of shipments of the assumed 60,000 Cr-48s.
  • It looks like non-Cr-48 owners will be able to read but not subscribe to the group. This makes sense since an official Google forum open to everyone is likely to get flooded with "I want one!" emails from the Cr-48 hopeful. I suspect that Google will provide a way for Cr-48 users who somehow did not get subscribed to prove ownership and join the group for posting, keep your eyes peeled.
So be sure to head over to the group once it's open and get posting! Most importantly, let's be sure to thank Google for their awesome free gift by keeping a positive attitude in our discussions!


  1. I pity anyone who has a smartphone and told it to chirp on email notifications.

    200+ emails at like... three in the morning.... wow. I'm glad i have a dumb phone that won't do that. I mean srsly just... wow.

  2. @Andrew. Haha, I was wondering why some people were complaining about getting woken up at 3am. I'm puzzled why they would have their phones set to chirp that early, anyway . . .

    @Jay. I'm impressed with your research, so thanks for that. I also agree on keeping a positive attitude ("Don't look a gift horse in the mouth") about everything. I'm eager to see how it all shakes down.

  3. Glad you brought this up. 48 emails in my inbox from this forum wasn't all that wanted. But a filter in gmail took them away. Have to make time to visit the forum. Glad it's there, anyway.

    At least this wasn't as bad as their Buzz roll-out fiasco.

  4. Yea , filtered it down to 65 emails here so not that bad but a coworker also got the emails this morning but as yet to get his cr-48 so not sure what happened there with him.

  5. That was fun, came home to 65 or so emails from google last night. Was a quick and easy cleanup though.