Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who do you know that got a Cr-48? What's their experience been?

I've noticed that many persons getting Cr-48s this round aren't necessarily the techies, or Google "groupies" that were so common with the first round (if you're reading this blog you're probably one of the 1st round techies). Rather, they're friends and family of us techies and groupies. They were probably encouraged by you to signup for a Cr-48, just like you encouraged them to get a address and to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

So who do you know that got a Cr-48 this wave? What's their experience been? When you explained the concept of Chrome OS to them were they excited about the security, stability and speed or were they bummed that they couldn't install Microsoft Word and iTunes? What kind of questions are you getting and how are you addressing them?


  1. my friend was having problems finding online based alternatives to the windows programs he uses ... i told him a few and then directed him to

    great site that will show alternatives to software you use ...

  2. Itunes and MS Word arent supposed to be used on this machine. When Google pitched the concept, they said it was a computer for people who lived on the web. It's not meant to run desktop applications.

    However, Google Docs would substitute MS Word, and let's be honest, Google owns Android, their other cloud based OS that is a direct competitor with Apple and Itunes. I can definitely understand why they wouldn't support Itunes. On the same note, it's an open sourced project, so if somebody created an Itunes app, google would have no problem with it being placed in the webstore. Google isn't like Apple who deletes apps from the market if a competitors name is mentioned in the app description.

    Just remember the main concept, it's an OS created for web users.

    While we're at it, Linux doesn't support Itunes or MSWord either, you have to find OS specific alternatives. Linux users never complain, they applaud the diversity.

  3. @uesnyc exactly ... google docs for ms word , pandora and grooveshark to listen to some music, store the rest of your stuff on something like dropbox and your good

  4. So, I hear a knock at the door, and I'm expecting it to be a delivery guy dropping off my Conflict of Laws casebook (which I ordered with expedited shipping around last Thursday).


    It's a UPS delivery man dropping off a Cr-48 for my wife! I think she filled out one application (compared with the 8 million I did), holding herself out as a stay-at-home mom, who runs a small business, and wants a device that will enable her to get things done quickly, so she can spend more time with her family.

    Go figure. I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head, Jay Lee, with who the 2d rounders are.

    Please see my blog soon, for a post on the whole (mind blowing) experience.

  5. @Cougar: my wife got one while I was at work yesterday too! Which is really great since it means she can stop stealing mine! I'm hoping a number of my friends who I'd encouraged to fill out the form will get one also.

  6. Haha. Yeah, I generally frown upon theft, myself.

    I have a friend who scored another Cr-48 today, as well (good day for Cinci, I guess). What I'm amused about is that I think the first one was technically addressed to his wife . . .

  7. I know NO other people who got CR-48s. I do live out in podunk, but none of my techy friends on FB even got one. I've actually been loving this thing, my biggest complaint has been the touch pad and I'm learning to live with it. I just installed Ubuntu (from the directions here) last night, but now I'm just thinking, "what for?". I don't really have a NEED for it, I just did it to see how it ran, ect.

  8. @Wallace. I love the selling point. :)

    I was in sales a couple jobs ago, so I often appreciate a well-targeted pitch.

  9. I got mine Tuesday -- I'm a Web application developer in southeast Idaho. Oddly, another guy on my team at work got his yesterday... to say that we are psyched doesn't even come close.

  10. Family's been borrowing mine heavily since mine showed. Probably because they have something for pictures and the like they've loved that it's the internet and nothing else. Granted because my home connection is wonk I need to do the initial configure (and the connection has to be reconfigured whenever it reboots) but other than that it's hands off on my part. I like that, they like that.

    I want these to go on sale so they can get a few of their own.

  11. My wife got one when got home last night. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! My wife uses google for everything, email, pics, docs, blog, etc. all her tech usage is online based so CR-48 is perfect for her. The only complaint I have is that it does not connect to certificate based or login/password based wireless network connections. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.