Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cr-48 laptop shipments resuming

Engadget is reporting that Cr-48 laptop shipments have resumed. With the 2nd wave, Google is including stickers to customize the look of your laptop. Like the 1st wave of Cr-48s to go out, my guess is that this one will start slow and pick up steam over the course of the week.


  1. I got my cr-48 in the first wave so I don't have any stickers... dang it I want some!

  2. Hi ,

    how can I check if the package was shiped to a specific address. From http://www.addicted-gamer.com/cr48-tracker/ I can see that the a package was delivert in my town ...and it's a small city

  3. @Kevin: yeah, so do I :-)

    @raducu83: check your front porch? Seriously though, UPS/FedEx is not going to tell you the exact address of packages they're sending, that'd be a theft risk. As far as I've heard, Google is still not sending out "you're getting one" emails so it's a wait and see game...

  4. I won a cr-48 in a Gizmodo contest. Took about 1 month for it to ship with no signature requirement!

    I did receive the stickers, which are Google-cutesy, I guess. I'm more a fan of the matte black look.

  5. @Logan: Any chance you want to sell your stickers? I'd love to have some for my Cr-48.

  6. Those still hoping to get one might also check Google's announcement yesterday: http://chrome.blogspot.com/2011/01/living-on-web-with-chrome-web-store-and.html

    It shares a few partners that are giving some away. Interesting one is LucidChart where it is a skill contest, rather than a random drawing, and they are giving away 100.