Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cr-48 Tips and Tricks

After 5 days with my Cr-48, I'm starting to learn some shortcuts and tricks. Here's what I've learned so far, be sure to share your own tips and tricks in the comments!

  • Having a hard time with right clicks and scrolling on that fancy new track pad? Try holding down the ALT key and doing a regular click to perform a right click. To scroll, try placing both fingers on the trackpad but move only one of them up and down.
  • CAPS LOCK isn't dead yet! If you're hitting that search key constantly meaning to turn on CAPS LOCK, you can change it to perform a CAPS LOCK function instead of opening a new tab. Click the wrench icon at the top right, then Settings, System, Modifier Keys, and change Search in the Search box to CapsLock. There you go!
  • Google says you can't change the photo it took of you when you first logged in without deleting the account enitrely. You also can't delete the owner account (the 1st account you used to login to the Cr-48) without completely resetting the Cr-48 to factory defaults. But you can using Picnik! Just install Picnik from the webstore, then upload a picture you like to Picnik or take a new one with their webcam app. Now click "Save and Share". Name the file your full email address and change the file extension to be .png if it's not already. Now browse to the /home/chronos folder and save your image over the old one. Once you log out you should see your new image! Thanks to bupahs for this tip!
  • If you're a Network Admin like me, 99% of the 1% of computer time you're not in a web browser, you're using SSH to admin a Linux box or network device. Fortunately Google gives you access to SSH even if you're uncomfortable with putting your Cr-48 into developer mode. Just press CTRL+ALT+T and you'll get a limited crosh shell. Use the command "ssh username host port" to ssh into your Linux box.
That's all I've got for now, again, please share your tips and tricks in the comments!


  1. Some other tricks I found useful:
    - ctrl + alt + / = Keyboard shortcut list
    - ctrl + n = new 'workspace'
    - []]] key = change between different workspaces and crosh.
    - alt + backspace = delete.
    - ctrl + alt + up/down arrows = home/end.

  2. There are consistent reports that WEP w/ AES encryption works much better than TPIK.
    I reduced the sensitivity on the trackpad to the lowest level and it responds much more consistently (click on the wrench/Preferences/System Touchpad is in the middle of the page.

  3. Seeing a way to swap out your user profile picture is... handy as I'd skipped that step and want something in place.

    Also advanced file system turns everything laggy as it constantly checks and rechecks for devices and your drive contents.

    Also... anyone know how to turn mouse stealing focus off? It gets annoying when you're writing only to realize you've got five sentences mashed together.

  4. Hey,
    First of all, this blog is great! THanks for all the tips and help.
    Second, since the 3G chip is a Gobi 2000, do you think it would be possible to use the CR-48 with T-Mobile or AT&T as it supports HSDPA? Verizon is extremely slow where I live. Obviously you'd have to crack it open to find the SIM slot, and it might be locked, but do you think it would be possible?

  5. I agree with ICello the blog is excellent. Thanks for taking time to share your wisdom.
    Tip I found today:
    Opens a file browser in the download directory. Left panel lists files and the right panel shows a preview of jpg files. Clicking mp3 files opens a small media player window. Navigation to subdirectories seems buggy, I can go down but have trouble getting back up.

  6. Like the people before thanks for having this blog. Also, I use youtube a decent amount I have found that if you sign into youtube account and then go to Click on enter the HTML5 beta. Every time you are signed into your Youtube account it will stream video to you in HTML5 rather than Flash.

  7. @ICello I thought I saw a SIM card slot underneath the battery. I could be mistaken though. Check it out.

  8. wow, awesome tip Stephen! I can watch youtube now!! Thanks to OP and all commenters, this helped me with a couple things. If you are into web dev work, and need a web based dev solution, try kodingen, it's the only way I can get all my work done with the cr48. (disclaimer: I am in NO way affiliated with kodingen, it's just the best cloud dev environment I've ever used.)

  9. Jay Lee,

    Could you please help me with the below issue?

    I received CR-48 couple of weeks ago. I tried to power on but nothing happened except white power light was turned on. No display. I googled around and learnt about pin below VGA port, and depressed it for 2-3 seconds and then pressed the power button and display lit up showing Recovery page. I created recovery USB stick on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux, with no success whatsoever. Even after inserting the USB stick, no progress beyond the recovery page.

    Talked to Ninjas, who tried to help a lot, but no success. Anyone has encountered similar issue and successfully able to resolve?