Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pre-Order Your Cr-48 Recovery SD Card Now!

Update: Cr-48 Recovery SD Cards are now shipping! See here. I've also added faster shipping options if you need a recovery card in a hurry.

Compared to Windows or OS X, Google made the Cr-48 ridiculously easy to recover to an "Out of the Box" (OOBE) state. Unfortunately, Google's instructions on creating the recovery media aren't quite so easy. The official instructions currently require a Mac or Linux machine to recover, Windows is not supported. I have unofficial Windows recovery instructions posted but some users are having trouble even with that.

For this reason, I'm happy to announce that I will shortly begin selling Cr-48 Recovery SD Cards that are ready to pre-loaded with the recovery image. The 2gb Sandisk SD Cards will be $20 each (including shipping!) and will be pre-loaded with the Cr-48 recovery firmware image. Each card will be tested on a Cr-48 to verify that the image is written correctly and it can successfully recover. I estimate that orders will be ready to ship on March 16th but you can pre-order yours now by completing this form (paying now is optional).

The recovery process is necessary if your Chrome OS installation should become corrupted for some reason (hardware or software failure). But if you're just playing around with developer mode (the hardware switch on your Cr-48) or development channel (the bleeding edge software updates to the Cr-48), I strongly recommend you be ready to perform a USB Recovery at any time. If you're having trouble creating the recovery media or just don't want the hassle, order a ready to go recovery device now!