Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dev Channel Update: (missed

This is what happens when I get busy for 24 hours. The Chromebots decide to push out multiple updates. I'm not seeing a lot of discussion about new features but numerous people are having crash issues (turn those about:flags off people).

I do apologize if my posting is down this week, I just ordered the HTC Thunderbolt this morning and it'll be here tomorrow, my gadget attention has been temporarily diverted from the Cr-48. But once I get over the 4G and front facing camera I'm sure it'll be back to the Cr-48. The Thunderbolt isn't entirely OT for this blog, I'll be sure to post some scores with the Cr-48 tethered to the Thunderbolt's 4G hotspot.

Chrome Notebook with a 4G Verizon LTE modem in the Fall anybody? How does free on $20/month contract sound?