Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dev Channel Update: 0.12.433.9

Dev Channel has been updated to version 0.12.433.9. The Chrome browser
version is 12.0.742.9. The Chrome Releases Blog posted about the dev browser update describing it as addressing UI, performance and Sync issues. The browser 12.0.742.0 and 12.0.742.5 updates are also relevant to this is the first Chrome OS release since they were released. This is shaping up to be a major bug fix release...

So Google, what's up with the release at 7:10am PDT? No complaints here but most releases happen in the late afternoon in my experience. Somebody must have had a really great cup of coffee this morning.

Update: there's a bug related to a partial update to the theme, the background color was changed but the status icons/text did not. The white on light gray is pretty harsh on the eyes. Quick fix for me was to switch to Google's Greyscale theme.