Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dev Channel Update: 0.12.362.2

Update: I missed a big one! WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks now work! I successfully connected to my University's WPA2 Enterprise network this morning. Currently though it's not possible to manually add Enterprise networks so you must be in range of the network and the SSID cannot be hidden. Those issues should be fixed shortly.

Dev channel has been bumped up to 0.12.362.2 this evening with a number of improvements:

  • The new Chrome Logo is visible on boot.
  • You can now retake your login photo or swap the image out for any other image by going to Wrench -> Settings -> Personal Stuff.
  • The window switcher button that appeared in 0.11 is now only visible when two or more windows are open (so people who only have one window open won't wonder about the useless box at the top right).
  • All bugs eradicated.
Okay, maybe the last one's not quite true. But if see anything else good or bad, be sure to let us know.