Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Very Cool: Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

I spent some time this evening playing around with's new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player service. Amazon is offering 5gb of free storage for your Music, Docs, Pictures and Video. If you purchase any music album from MP3, they'll upgrade that to 20gb for the next year. See the ads below for some $2.99 albums that qualify for the upgrade. 20gb gives me enough storage to upload all my music and stream or download it to any computer I have. This is a great solution for the Cr-48 where local storage is limited and the native music player is currently lacking. Right now, I'm uploading Music from my machine at about 1gb an hour so it's going to take most of the night to get my entire collection but once that's finished I'll be able to stream or download songs to my desktop at work, my Android phone or my Cr-48 and most importantly, keep everything organized between them without needing to copy/rip a CD multiple times. The web based music player isn't anything fancy but it a clean interface and it handle's what I need with playlists, search and plenty of sort options. I know there's been plenty of talk and rumour about Google Music and I'll certainly give it a shot when it's available but for now, Amazon's Cloud Player service is quite impressive!