Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess the Beta Update Date, Win Eternal Internet Fame and Glory

Real soon now, we should be seeing a major update land on the beta channel as Google declares the builds stable enough for beta channel. Here's what we know:
  • Last night, Google bumped Chrome browser beta channel to builds and Chrome browser dev channel to builds. The Chrome browser and Chrome OS releases schedules are closely tied together.
  • The number of priority 1 bugs on that are left to be fixed for the R10 release ( has dropped to 19. That's down from 69 early this week and a few hundred 2 weeks ago.
  • Google is striving for a 6 week release schedule with Chrome OS like they have with Chrome browser.
So when do you think a 0.10 build will land on beta channel? Take the poll here. Winners will receive eternal Internet fame and glory (translation: I'll post your name and shout out message to my blog). Good luck!