Saturday, February 5, 2011

AT&T GSM now possible on the Cr-48 with a light hack

Hexxeh has figured out how to switch the Cr-48's Gobi 2000 3G radio to GSM mode and use it on AT&T's network. A nice little trick if you've used your 100mb Verizon 3G quota for the month and have a AT&T data plan available to you. In theory, T-mobile should work also but only at EDGE speeds since the Gobi 2000 does not support T-mobile's 3G radio frequencies.


  1. Nice !

    any way for this on ubuntu yet ?

  2. Question, If you use your sim from AT&T can't they see what device is using their sim card ?

  3. i like that. will try. with my sister's phone. she gots att. i got sprint.

  4. Does the Cr48 have a sim card slot? If not, how does it authenticate you on the network?

    1. The SIM card slot is under the battery, next to the battery brass-looking metal battery contacts.