Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who do you know that got a Cr-48? What's their experience been?

I've noticed that many persons getting Cr-48s this round aren't necessarily the techies, or Google "groupies" that were so common with the first round (if you're reading this blog you're probably one of the 1st round techies). Rather, they're friends and family of us techies and groupies. They were probably encouraged by you to signup for a Cr-48, just like you encouraged them to get a address and to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

So who do you know that got a Cr-48 this wave? What's their experience been? When you explained the concept of Chrome OS to them were they excited about the security, stability and speed or were they bummed that they couldn't install Microsoft Word and iTunes? What kind of questions are you getting and how are you addressing them?