Thursday, January 27, 2011

GPS functional in

With today's dev channel update, Google has finally put in place the final pieces to make the GPS functional. As far as I know, there is no GUI interface but you can test it out and get some cool details about your location by running the following commands from a root shell:
  1. initctl start gpsd
  2. cgps
The first command enables the gps service (or daemon as it's known in the Linux world, hence the d in gpsd). The second command runs a simple command line gps display. If cgps returns an error, you might need to shutdown the Cr-48 and boot it again. You might also try enabling/disabling the Cellular under the wireless strength indicator. Once cgps works, set the Cr-48 near a window or, if you don't live in the Northeast and you didn't get a foot of snow today and it's not another freezing cold night, you know, go outside. You should be able to get a GPS fix and learn your lat/long and other details. Now run up and down your sidewalk and watch your speed while your neighbors watch you run around with laptop in hand and wonder if they should call the cops. Remember, if a police officer approaches you, be sure to explain that you're testing out this laptop for Google and this is important work, that should help, or it'll make for a great story to be shared in the comments below.