Friday, January 21, 2011

Dev Channel Update:

Last night, Google released a new dev-channel version of Chrome OS. There are no official release notes or Changelog but the following has been observed:

  • The Chrome browser has been updated to 10.0.642.2. Google does have release notes specific to the browser update.
  • The audio issue has been fixed!
  • The timezone issue has been fixed!
  • Some persons have observed issues with Chrome Sync after the update. Some other persons have claimed that logging out of Chrome Sync then logging back on has resolved the issues. Some persons have wondered who some other persons actually are...
That's all that's known for now. But do let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!


  1. LOL. love the last bullet

    thx for the heads up on this!

  2. I got the new update today, and I feel like things are starting to speed up a bit, especially on the settings page (I think may have had some issues there).

    I really like how I've seen more regular updates, and I get the impression we can plan on weekly updates, as I believe that's what the Chrome dev branch receives, and I think that's the Chrome branch we're running now.

    Speaking of which, I was under the impression the devs' calendar would update the Chrome OS versions, yet I believe the last time the date and version were updated was back in early December:

    Anyone have any thoughts on why this has stayed the same on the calendar?

  3. Has anyone's Cr-48 been failing to automatically connect to his preferred networks?

    When I check the "automatically connect to this network" check box, close the dialog, and then reopen it, I fail to see a check mark in the check box (it's empty) . . .

    I ask here because I searched for "" on the Chromium OS open bugs list and failed to find anything.

    I'll go ahead and file a bug, unless someone here knows what gives.

  4. Any idea how soon we might expect to see the timezone fix show up for those of us on the Beta channel? My Cr-48 showed up a couple days ago and I'm inclined to stay on the B-channel for a while yet, but it drives me crazy to have the time/date wrong and no real way to fix it...

  5. Received my cr-48 and promptly updated to 10.146.1 dev to fix the audio issue. I did this before setting up Verizon Cellular. Audio fixed. But now the option to Enable / Disable Cellular does not stay in the menu. It's there and then disappears. When it occasionally does stay visible for awhile, I select "Enable", but there is no "Set up Verizon" option. I know I saw it before updating the operating system. I tried resetting the modem, that didn't change anything. Any ideas?

  6. @Bob: is not the latest, is, the 3G issues should be resolved in the new release. You should be able to upgrade to the latest by hitting update on the about page multiple times (it literally sometimes take 3-4 dozen tries befor the update shows).


  7. Sync is and has been broken for me for quite some time. I finally started using xmarks, but I really wish they would figure out the sync issue. It was one of my favorite things about Chrome.