Friday, January 14, 2011

Dev Channel Update!

Hot on the heels of the first beta channel update, Google has released the first dev channel update for Chrome OS. If you've gone under Wrench -> About Chrome OS -> More Info and chosen the dev channel, you should see being pushed out soon. Probably the most notable change is bringing the Chrome browser 10.x to Chrome OS where previously only the 8.x stable branch was available. Also, Chrome Instant is now available (see 2nd screenshot).

This is a major update so there's probably more. If you're updated to, keep an eye out for new features and be sure to let us know in the comments.


  1. Based on what I've seen progressing in my sorta-daily Chromium OS builds, the main changes should be to Chromium, the browser. There are some updated packages such as gpsd, but I haven't seen major UI changes for stuff like that yet. I'm sure it's coming in future builds, though.

    Be aware that this update very likely has the intermittent audio issue that came with the stable/beta update on Wednesday. My source builds have that bug, too. The priority on that bug has been bumped up quite a bit internally to Google as of today, so we should see it fixed Real Soon Now.

    It probably also has the timezone settings bug, though I do not yet know if it is affected by the login screen wireless network selection bug (where it's not possible to select a wireless network from the login screen on the 2nd and later logins).

  2. On the dev channel, but still haven't received an update notification. Odd.

  3. @cacarr and @bigxiami: See my post just after this one, it details how to speed up the upgrade process:

  4. I finally got my update, today, in the normal About Chrome OS page. Speaking of updates, when does everyone think we can expect to see release announcements like

    In the new build, I think things might be a little faster now. On the other hand, I've decided to unpin most of my pinned tabs (I had 7) because I get the feeling the Cr-48's CPU or RAM simply struggles, at this point.

    I'm happy to report I can finally open up files (in my test, images) on my USB drive. On the other hand, I was pretty disappointed with how sluggish the slideshow was.

    I'm also glad to see I can now (I forget if I could before) create a music playlist. One bummer here is I think I'm unable to save the playlist for later use.

    Along the File Shelf lines, I now see some (new?) "stateful_partition" folder I'm unable to open.

    Finally, I'm glad to see my Chrome (browser, rather than OS) version jumped up to around a dev channel, currently 10x (instead of staying around stable, 8x).

    Hopefully, I can connect with my school's wireless WPA2-Enterprise network, tomorrow (I was unable to on my first day back, today, even after personally talking to our three main IT guys). Has anyone had any success with this, yet?

  5. I like the new features, but audio has been completely broken on mine. After about 15 minutes, the audio just turns into a scratchy high-pitched squeal. It won't fix itself until I restart.

  6. @Travis: Audio bug workaround is documented in this post:

    there's also a timezone bug forcing you to PST, fix is documented at:

  7. The new update has been great, especially after fixing the audio problem (linked in previous comment), but now I'm missing tooltips...

  8. How do you access external USB hard drives as @Cougar Abogado said??

  9. @harshil.

    I plug a USB drive into the USB port and the content browser pops up with "FLASH DRIVE" at the top.

    If this fails to happen for you, are you in the dev mode, with version