Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cr-48 Tips and Tricks

After 5 days with my Cr-48, I'm starting to learn some shortcuts and tricks. Here's what I've learned so far, be sure to share your own tips and tricks in the comments!

  • Having a hard time with right clicks and scrolling on that fancy new track pad? Try holding down the ALT key and doing a regular click to perform a right click. To scroll, try placing both fingers on the trackpad but move only one of them up and down.
  • CAPS LOCK isn't dead yet! If you're hitting that search key constantly meaning to turn on CAPS LOCK, you can change it to perform a CAPS LOCK function instead of opening a new tab. Click the wrench icon at the top right, then Settings, System, Modifier Keys, and change Search in the Search box to CapsLock. There you go!
  • Google says you can't change the photo it took of you when you first logged in without deleting the account enitrely. You also can't delete the owner account (the 1st account you used to login to the Cr-48) without completely resetting the Cr-48 to factory defaults. But you can using Picnik! Just install Picnik from the webstore, then upload a picture you like to Picnik or take a new one with their webcam app. Now click "Save and Share". Name the file your full email address and change the file extension to be .png if it's not already. Now browse to the /home/chronos folder and save your image over the old one. Once you log out you should see your new image! Thanks to bupahs for this tip!
  • If you're a Network Admin like me, 99% of the 1% of computer time you're not in a web browser, you're using SSH to admin a Linux box or network device. Fortunately Google gives you access to SSH even if you're uncomfortable with putting your Cr-48 into developer mode. Just press CTRL+ALT+T and you'll get a limited crosh shell. Use the command "ssh username host port" to ssh into your Linux box.
That's all I've got for now, again, please share your tips and tricks in the comments!